About the Artist

I am Kathrin Weber and I have been weaving and dyeing since 1975. I live in the mountains of NC which is a wonderfully supportive community for artists and other self-employed people.

Color and the flow of color are the focus of my hand-dyed and handwoven work. My clothesline is regularly draped with long and colorful yarns drying in the sun. I sell hand-dyed cotton warps through my Warp of the Month Club on my Facebook page. Please check there for the current colors I am offering and all the information you need to order.

I also weave myown fabric by hand on large wooden floor looms using cotton and other cellulose fibers in my Blankets, Throws, Runners, Pillows and Bags. Sturdy and simple weave structures are the basis for the functional items I make.

When I am not dyeing or weaving, I am likely to be found teaching workshops on dyeing and weaving. Please take a look at my link to classes I am teaching this year. Or perhaps previous classes that your local fiber guild might want me to come teach your group. I am always interested in knowing what your guild is particularly interested in so I can bring a personalized presentation to you.

I am a member of The Amercian Craft Council, the Southern Highland Craft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen and Carolina Designer Craftsmen. Additionally, I teach weaving at the John C. Campbell Folk Scool, Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont School of Art and Craft … and through the Fiber Guild closest to you! If I haven’t taught in your area recently, please contact me and we will make a plan.

For many many, more photos or to join Blazing Shuttles’ Warp of the Month Club, please visit my Facebook page.

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